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First time home buyers

Everything first time home buyers need to know about purchasing their first home.

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Get home renovation tips to help ensure you're taking the right steps to your renos.

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Having a healthy home is important to living a healthy life. See our tips here.

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Snowbirds, Get Ready to Fly article image

Snowbirds, Get Ready to Fly

Wednesday 1st, 2023
Sutton Realty

Frozen water pipes, floods, fire, infestations, theft, roof damage, and injuries on snowy sidewalks are some of the unfortunate incidents that can take place when a home is left unoccupied during the winter. Snowbirds may return from their sunny holidays to discover thousands of dollars in damages and liabilities. Safeguard your home and belongings by taking precautions before you leave. Read more

Planning a Bathroom Renovation article image

Planning a Bathroom Renovation

Wednesday 4th, 2023
Sutton Realty

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the home so owners can afford to splurge on luxurious finishes such as sleek vanities, high-end tile, sophisticated hardware, or even a fireplace. Today, there are more options to choose from than ever before and while that can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming. When looking at thousands of product samples, where do you start? And how do you create a cohesive, coordinated bathroom design? Read more

Modern Roofing Options article image

Modern Roofing Options

Wednesday 6th, 2023
Sutton Realty

On August 17, 2023, when wildfire took hold in McDougall Creek near West Kelowna, exceptionally high winds sent embers flying across the lake to rain down on buildings in the Kelowna area. An amazed homeowner who lives six kilometers away from the fire shared a photo of a two-centimeter, burnt piece of bark in her yard. She was grateful it had not landed on her asphalt roof. By late August of the summer of 2023, wildfires had already burned 150,504 square kilometers or about four percent of the entire forest area of Canada. This is approximately five times the long-term average of 2.54 million hectares (6.3 million acres) for that time of the year. Wildfires burned in all 13 provinces and territories (Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, 2023). Read more